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    Fourgy - A Compilation Of Northern Illinois And Southern Wisconsin Punk Rock
    The title really sums it up, like really. Playing in bands is a hell of a lot of fun. You get to express yourself, showcase your art, and meet a hell of a lot of cool people at shows. Now, let's be honest about something, THERE ARE SO MANY RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED BANDS OUT THERE! And every so often get to play with one of these ridiculously talented bands and you guys just click and a weird brotherly bond is formed. Then you two bands meet another band and fall in love and another bond is formed, and then what the shit, you meet ANOTHER band you love and another creepy four way love triangle is born.... You wanna hang out, drink a beer, play some music together, have a FOURGY???? Well, this is how this CD idea started (no, not with some weird four way orgy, get your mind out of the gutter) but with the idea that we made these amazing friends playing shows, why not try to put together an amazing CD?! Well we did! Each band took one night in the The C-Sides "home Studio" a.k.a. "Secret Records" and let the magic happen. This CD is COMPLETELY BAND FUNDED, which means everyone on this cd pitched in the cash to make it happen, which seems so rare these day's with more and more bands online constantly begging you to donate to their Kickstarter or some other garbage. WE DID THIS OURSELVES AND WE ARE DAMN PROUD OF IT! This release can be purchased at each bands shows beginning May 14th, 2016. Which, look at that, it's the same date as the RELEASE PARTY FOR THE CD IN FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN AT ZIGGYS! Come hang and enjoy the festivities if you are available! If not, buy, listen, and share the hard work everyone has put into making this release happen. Thank you and see you guys soon!
    -Gary Janota
    Does your band wanna come hang and record some music too?
    shoot Secret Records Recording Studio an e-mail at Gary.e.janota@gmail.com
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released May 2, 2016



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Secret Records Recording Studio Fox Lake, Illinois

Secret Records Recording is a DIY home studio located in Fox Lake, Illinois, that is dedicated to helping local bands get their desired sound on a workable budget. Recorded by musicians to help other musicians.

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